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We are creating a second life for        coffee grounds

6 million tons of spent coffee grounds end up in landfill every year, where they release 1.2 million tons of carbon. 

Instead of being harnessed for their natural properties, they harm our planet.

Our mission is to unlock the value of spent coffee grounds, and transform them from waste to resource. Through extending the lifetime value of coffee grounds and returning them into the ecosystem, we are moving one step closer to a circular economy.

Coffee leather materiality MIT innovation research

which is why we've created
Coffee Leather

Through research and experimentation, we are perfecting our alternative form of leather, made up of 40% spent coffee grounds.


Our bio-leather has the touch, feel, and durability of leather while being 100% biodegradable

Our flagship line of Coffee Leather products feature durable and all-natural material designed for everyday use

Coffee leather MIT Innovation

Cortado is an MIT spinout researching the natural properties of coffee grounds.

We are a team of an engineer & material scientist, a designer, and a business entrepreneur. 

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